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Publishing News Roundup Series: Why Authors Should Regularly Check on Their Agents

by Maureen Crisp •  July 30, 2018  •   Follow

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Everyone says an author to agent relationship should be close and built on trust. But how much trust can you give, and how
close should you actually be?

There should always be trust, but please remember this is a business and to make sure to keep track of your assets. When
it comes to being close, that’s a definite. The bottom line being keep a close, but business conscious relationship with your


It has been a horrible week for some kidlit writers and agents in the blogosphere. Danielle Smith, a ’respected’ agent who
having worked for high flying agencies struck out on her own was shown to be a fraud. This has stunned her colleagues,
her clients and her staff. The kidlit community is a tight knit community and are rallying round as they do with offers of help
coming from all over.


The bottom line in all of this is – Once you get an agent… the work begins. Follow up regularly. They work for you. If they
can’t or won’t communicate at least quarterly… ask who they have subbed to? Ask publishers to split the check at source.
They can pay agents fees separately… if your agent is upset about this, ask why. There are a whole lot of writers and
illustrators taken on by Danielle Smith, who have no idea what properties have been taken on or off or subbed or not…  
and not only that… it goes back years through other clients for other agencies where she was an agent on staff. A hashtag
search in Twitter #Daniellesmith pulls up some sad stories.


Forbes has covered the latest scams in the publishing world this week just as this was breaking… Be Aware that there are
some awful predators out there.

In the continuing serial decline of  CreateSpace, Nate Hoffelder reports that Amazon has hammered another nail in the coffin.
This week they pulled the plug on publishing CD’s and DVD’s. Will the Kindle Print arm pick these up too? Everyone still in
CreateSpace are hanging on grimly…
While Amazon is putting the screws into CreateSpace, Publish Drive has been wooing China. Publish Drive are doing some
interesting things in the global publishing marketplace… If you want world wide sales take a look…

Data Guy was asked to present at the Sci Fi & Fantasy conference just held and he posted up his
slides looking
at the last years sales of SFF across the board.  The SFF Marketing Podcast crew took a look at the trends – Even
if you don’t write SFF this is a good podcast to follow.

Every year about this time Joanna Penn takes a yearly snapshot of her working lifeIt is really interesting… I always learn
something from this indie powerhouse.

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To Finish,

Every year about this time Joanna Penn takes a yearly snapshot of her working life
It is really interesting… I always learn something from this indie powerhouse.
I had an unexpected hospital stay this last week.This screwed up quite a few things publishing wise for me.
Pro tip from me… build in plenty of time for life’s hiccups and rest where you can…
I wonder if the wicked witch of the west cursed me last week for using her picture on my blog.


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