“The internet and new technology is making a dream of being an author a reality for many writers. Online self-publishing – bypassing agents and publishing houses is now a fast-growing sector.”


“Are you looking to self-publish a memoir, a novel, a self-help book, or a travel guide just for the fun of it?”
“post a project, gather proposals and then decide on which offer to take.”

“Write the book that will launch your career
Julia Child’s first cookbook helped turn her into a star. Follow her recipe, but get to the table faster by self-publishing. You can hire an editor, designer, and formatting expert … via”


“BiblioCrunch, a platform that matches authors and publishers with quality, award-winning professionals to get new books and apps to market.”


“With its new model, it hopes to provide a service understaffed publishers are actively looking for, while giving skilled freelancers a chance to sell their work.”


“…the authoring and management and packaging tools these startups showed off…are light-years ahead of the tools that large incumbent media companies have.”


“After retooling its business model, BiblioCrunch, a free DIY e-book production and distribution platform, is being relaunched with a new e-book production and editorial services marketplace. ”


Columbia Journalism Review

“Paley Center presents: ‘The Next Big Thing in Digital News Innovation'”


“A lot of people talk about the future of digital news. The Paley Center, founded by television executive William S. Paley in 1975, is on the lookout for the real thing.”


“Startups that focus on offering new back-end tools and services to boost efficiency in the publishing lifecycle will be, as Don Linn hailed them, ‘heroes, even if largely unrecognized, this year.”



“There’s one key way that BiblioCrunch beats Feedbooks, Smashwords, and most other self-pub platforms; it offers more than just converting your source files into eBooks. You can also use BiblioCrunch to connect with cover designers, book editors”


“One of the most attractive features to authors will be the ability to set their own prices in the marketplace, while still having the option to list their books in major distribution platforms.”


“…offers an intriguing premise of simplifying the currently laborious task of formatting and distributing eBooks so they can be read on any of the major e-reader platforms.”


“One key feature of Bibliocrunch is the rating and review system where designers, and other professionals, are given testimonials on their work”

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