House: The Movie – Ted Dekker Bestseller to Debut on the Silver Screen

From award-winning, bestselling Christian suspense writer Ted Dekker comes what fans have been waiting for since the author’s early debut: another film based on one of his acclaimed novels (watch for free on 123Movies ). On November 7, 2008, fans will not only have the chance to indulge themselves in a movie based on Dekker’s suspense thriller House (co-authored with Frank Peretti), but will additionally be partaking in the beginning of a new genre and movement of films. Never before has any Christian author so vividly captured the essence of a thriller novel, so much so that it will be transformed into a nationwide movie.

For a more in-depth history of Ted Dekker and the life events that continue to inspire his unparalleled writing, see my article entitled “Christian Writing at Its Peak.” Much of Dekker’s writing incorporates deeply religious and philosophical ideals, likely due to his Bachelor’s degree in those two areas. Furthermore, Dekker’s time living among a tribe of deadly headhunters in Indonesia has influenced his writing in ways unprecedented in comparison to other authors. As a missionary child, he has lived in the very grips of suspense and endured the daily possibility of death.

Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti’s 2006 thriller/suspense novel House tells the tale of two young couples running desperately through rural Alabama. Hot on their trail is the Tin Man, an escaped, maniacal serial killer, bent on capturing and destroying their very lives. Unknown to the frightened couples, they have been intentionally lured into a damp, abandoned house, where the sickening game of cat and mouse begins. Down the chimney and out of the darkness comes a tin can, rolling across the floor with an eerie sound. Scratched along the side of the can are the “house rules” laid out by the killer himself; rules which call for their death, unless they immediately kill one of their own group. How will they decide who lives and who dies? Or has that really been up to the killer all along? And is there any way to escape the confines of the house and its demonic influence?

House is under the directorship of Robby Henson, who also directed Thr3e (2006), another horror/suspense film based on the Dekker novel of the same name. Additionally, Henson was the director behind The Visitation (2006), based on the best-selling Frank Peretti novel. Screenplay writer Rob Green is bringing House to life and is working right alongside the author himself to ensure complete accuracy in the retelling of the tale. The flick will star Alanna Bale, J.P. Davis, Reynaldo Rosales, and Heidi Dippold for the role of the two couples trapped within the horror house, unable to reach the light of day. Additionally, famed actor Michael Madsen (Bob: Sin City, 2005) will be playing the role of Officer Lawdale. Madsen currently boasts a lengthy and experienced filmography, as well as twenty-six “in-production” projects, most of which call for his role as a supporting character, though some are lead roles. Slated to reprise his role as Bob in Sin City 2 (2010), Madsen is proving his worth to Hollywood yet again.

Several comments from prescreening individuals on film blogs and review sites across the internet, including the International Movie Data Base, have spoken of the film’s incredible plot and storyline, but emphasized poor acting. Unfortunately, that may be the case with a lower budget film attempting to compete with the horror/thriller genre of Hollywood. However, there is no doubt loyal fans of Dekker and Peretti will turn out to the see the film in record numbers, as was the case with both Thr3e and The Visitation. Furthermore, as has been observed with Fireproof and Sherwood Pictures, these films are progressively getting better in terms of their production value, acting, etc. Interestingly, House is nowhere near the genre of Christian films that Fireproof is, as it has already garnered an “R” rating from the Motion Picture Association of America for elements of violence and terror. The film will certainly not be used for blatant witnessing, but for Christian and Spiritual-themed fiction entertainment. To view the official trailer for the film, visit www.housethemovie.net.