Cryptocurrency scams are all over social media. Don’t get duped

Last week, Twitter flagged accounts that appeared to be tied to a Squid Game crypto coin and that bilked buyers out of more than $2 million by exploiting enthusiasm for the hit Netflix show. From fake giveaways to bogus investment sites, scammers use YouTube, Twitter and other social media sites to hook potential victims. Creating a fake live event video is just one way crooks are attempting to dupe crypto enthusiasts into giving away their assets. Scammers are even turning to dating apps to push these schemes.

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Someone had copied Dodd’s video to create fake livestreams of the launch, which was also part of a fundraiser for St. Dodd, a well-known space fan who created the YouTube channel Everyday Astronaut, landed a rare tour of SpaceX’s rocket facilities in Texas with CEO Elon Musk this summer. Jude Children’s Hospital. And it was just that footage Dodd saw. Scammers, Dodd says, were trying to trick people into donating Bitcoin on another site. 

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They’ll tell you about a new cryptocurrency opportunity they’ve jumped on, but it’s all a ruse to get you to invest through a fake website. Scammers could try to lure you into investing through a bogus site, bringing up the topic while you’re chatting on a dating app or on social media.

During Google’s Pixel 6 event on Oct. The slick scam uses the Google logo to convincingly sell itself as the Google Live YouTube channel. A Google search showed parts of the text were plagiarized from a news article.  19, cryptocurrency scammers created a fake live video using footage from an earlier Google event. The video’s description, though, held telltale clues that it was bogus, moving between the first and third persons. At one point, the imitation video had more than 41,000 views but it was taken down shortly after the event began.

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“These websites may even make it look like your investment is growing,” the FTC warned. “But people report that, when they try to withdraw supposed profits, they are told to send even more crypto — and end up getting nothing back,” the Federal Trade Commission warned.

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Sometimes they go as far as hacking verified accounts, creating the illusion of legitimacy by insinuating a well-known figure is involved. Recognizing a fake tweet, ad or video on social media can be tricky because scammers often steal images to give their ploys credibility. Some of the accounts belonged to Musk, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, celebrity Kim Kardashian and Joe Biden, who was running for US president at the time. In 2020, hackers breached a handful of to promote a cryptocurrency scam that promised to double the amount of Bitcoin sent to a specified address.

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You can also use a type of hardware wallet, also known as a cold wallet, to store your private keys in a physical device like a USB stick.  These include using a strong password, turning on two-factor authentication or using a separate email for your Bitcoin account.