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Both of them would normally be speaking on one phone but today Alex had just got a second cordless phone. “Is it any beater no that I induce a New speech sound?” Alex asked. “Yeah, much beater, now that I can hear the two of your sexy voices.” I laughed. I often flirted with the two girls, but it was all in good fun. Alex had a boyfriend and April was dating my best friend. “My aphrodisiac spokesperson is to a good deal for you boy.” Apr pointed stunned to me. “What about me?” Alex asked in a sexy tune. “Am I to much?” “For him maybe, but girl your making me hot.” April countered with a sexier voice. The two girls often keep me on the phone but mostly talked to each other. April known to be horny all the. Added to the fact that she was bi, She would most likely have sex with any thing. The two girls spoke none stop for almost an hour, I would add my bit every now and then, but mostly I spoke when spoken to. The coding took most of my focus. “Are you relieve in that location?.” Alex asked. “Yeah I’m lessening.” I replied. “LET me on round top.” “No.” “And so I’ll equitable do this.” “No catch.” “Um what are you deuce doing.” “I’m not doing whatsoever thing Aprils keeps groping me breasts.” Alex and Apr ofttimes did this so it was no large surprise to me. “Oh… Oh… Stop! April!.” “If you to going to play rouge I may have to split you up.” I joked. “April plosive consonant this is to a great deal. Oh!” Alex Screamed and baffle my care. “Oh…Oh…Oh…” Her representative ring in my capitulum. “Hey if you want a show better come over quick.” April said, Then the phone cut out. Knowing that it was most likely a joke to get me to come over I decided t play along. I need a brake from my work any way. I took the 2 min. walk over to Alex’s house and knocked on the door. No answer? I tried the knob and https://www.mxsponsor.com it opened. The car was gone so her parents must not be home. “How-do-you-do.” I yelled as I walked in. I could hear the two girl horsing around up stairs. I decide to let my self in to the room. As I open the do I find April on Alex’s bed lying naked over April, who has her hands tied to her bed post, her pants pulled off and her shirt pulled up over her breasts. Worst of Alex looked up at me with tears in her eyes. April you’ve gone to far I run over to untie Alex. But then Like a can April pounces’ from the bed and knocks me to the ground. “What’s wrongly with you father forth.” I squirm and move but her held me down then placed a cloth over my mouth. “Layover. Engender off” But son I found my self tired and then out cold. I awoke up to moans and crying. I come to and find I am sitting in a chair and have my hands tied be hind me. I was over powers by April? I think to my self. As I look up across the room all I can see is Aprils eating out Alex’s pussy. I feel guilty watching, but to see Alex’s slender, seventeen year old body squirming and seeing her nipples fully erect. I could not look away. The max of moans ands crying that escaped her only mad my penis harder. I most be sick, I thought to my self. I could not sit and let my friend be raped in front of me. I try to inch the across the room. I find my body to numb to keep going. “Stop, April!” Alex screamed betwixt moans, “If you stop now I’ll wont tell any one. So please, Stop. For the love of good ,Sto.. Sto….STOOOOOP!!!!!!” Alex screamed as her body shook with the force of an orgasm that seem to rock the world its self. juices burst from her slit like a dam had broken open and April enjoyed every minute of it. I had to keep going I throw my self to try to get to Alex to save her from this, https://minecraftathome.com/minecrafthome/view_profile.php?userid=16083269 but all I manage to do is tip my chare over and fall. “Oh?!” April looks up from Alex’s sweat covered body.” Your alert two.” She crawls down from the bed and over to by body. I would be rude to make you what any longer. “Period. What are you doing?” I ask as she kneels in front of my open legs, that I now notice my ankles are also bound to chair. “Zero a good deal.” She says as she as she props her large breast around my cock. “Wait” Was all I could get out She furiously started to give me a boob job. “Your Rock hard, I moldiness be prepare to seminal fluid before long.” She aforementioned as she started to tot around lip form to her already consuming Assault to me staying power. I breathing time profound and grasp broil along as I could. But wholly I had was not sufficiency to hold in it hinder. 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I looked and Alex was kneeling ass Apr with a vibrator slowly moving its was up Aprils bottom. “This is pay back for the cum, Bitch” Alex Than sure the vibrator in and KO’d of Aprils fanny. “No.. No…”Aprils movements became nonvoluntary “NO… NO… NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Aprils cunt clamped down on my cock holding it in with all its might. As an orgasm shook her body I could no longer hold mine in, I filed with even more cum then be for. She collapsed and Alex helped here unconscious body to the floor and unties me “Flying we give notice call the cops” I recite Alex. “Why?” she pokes her read/write head approximately from prat the chair. “WHY.. She just RAPED you.” “No we were role playing and she got a bit cared way.” She expanded “what?” “We do this every in real time and and so.” She stats as she casually puts he cloths back on. “Simply you where gross?” “An play.” she smiled “But you where brainsick and..” “Of of course I delirious she pored Semen toss off my throat.” She stomped her foot.” Any way your not mad are you?” She aforementioned as she walked up to me and ran her finger’s breadth up my make out to my mentum. Then as she walked preceding me aforementioned “We did it for after be found all the rape porn an you computer.” “But…”I had zilch I could say “Also try changing you password, Having it be the name of the girl you have a crush on.” She laughed and walked verboten the board singing,” A-L-E-X.”.