I’m a graphic designer with a passion for books. I specialize in book layout and cover design, and I’ve worked on a variety of project types and sizes. Whether your book is an illustrated children’s book, a workbook complete with forms and worksheets, a novel, or a collection of stories or poems, I can help you make sure that your finished book is polished and professional. Click on the Home icon next to my profile picture to view my website and additional portfolio pieces.


  • Design: Layout and Cover Design

Work Samples

Temper Tamers: A Program for Groups Based on Taming Your Temper

This manual was designed as a companion to a previous workbook. I was responsible for designing the layout based on the previous workbook. This layout involved a great deal of formatting, including creating a number of different types of forms (including the one seen here).

Buzz Books 2015 (Young Adult and Adult)

I worked on the interior layout of both the Young Adult and Adult versions of the 2015 Buzz Books. This is the 4th time I've worked with Julie Trelstad (of Julie Ink) to complete the interior layout of these books. Each book consists of multiple excerpts, images, and formatting styles, and each book is produced in print and ebook formats. I was responsible for importing the original Word document into InDesign and formatting the interior content of the entire book. These books can be viewed on Amazon.com.