I’m retired and like to travel. I also do a lot of writing for my many websites I have. Even though I am retired I work from home on a very part time basis. Most of my writing is on health and wellness. At age 67 I have gone vegetarian and have seen an improvement in my health. I am involved with a health and wellness company call CTFO that specializes in products that contain CBD in them. I use their pain creams and other CBD products they have. Much of my writing is about this company CTFO. A combination of going vegetarian and taking supplements I have seen my health improve. This is another subject that I write about. I came down with diabetes but have controlled it through diet and exercise. It is amazing that you can actually get off of medications when you change you eating habits. I have started taking large doses of antioxidants and immune system enhancers with the hope that they might protect me against this corona virus that is spreading everywhere. My wife also cooks up something that is also great for the immune system. Now you know a little about me.