Don’t settle for second-rate work. Let me clothe your manuscript in a way that will do justice to the literature you’ve so painstakingly penned. After all, people do judge a book by its cover.

My name is Alexander and I’m a digital artist/designer with over fifteen years of production experience in multiple specialties. I’m also a published author and blogger who generates graphics and layouts for his own work.

I graduated from Texas A&M University, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies. I’ve since worked as a freelancer, contractor, and full-time hire during various stages of my life, on projects ranging from logos, to brochures, to 3-D video game environments. My clients have included individual proprietors, large corporations, and everything in-between.

Most of my career has been spent making computer graphics for video game companies (noteworthy projects include The Elder Scrolls Online and the Shadow of the Colossus remake). These days, however, I find myself gravitating toward writing and graphic design.

You may hire me as an artist, ghost writer, or editor. I love books and look forward to working on yours!


  • Design: Layout and Cover Design
  • Design: Illustrator
  • Editing: Line Editing

Work Samples

Leviathan's Ruse: The Comprehensive Guide to the Battle Between Good and Evil, Vol. 1

This book is my work from the ground up. Writing, layout, graphics—all of it.

The 8 Keys to Personal Moral Excellence (While Living in Spiritual Egypt)

The cover for an ebook of my creation.

Statue for ESO

Although this 3-D model was created for a video game, not a book, one can imagine how similar models could enhance a book cover when used discerningly.


Need a fantastical but realistic environment for your book cover? By combining photos and computer-rendered models, I can make your vision real.

Beautiful Families brochure

This brochure provides an example of creative typography that fits the theme of the publication.