Minnesota-born and -raised author Deina Furth discovered at a young age that she had a talent for writing. From writing silly plays to perform for her (very patient!) parents, to writing, drawing, and publishing an online manga series in the dawn of internet comics, she’s tried her hand at just about every kind of project that includes the written word. Deina infuses her love for science fiction and fantasy novels, films, comics, and video games into every one of her stories.

In her debut novelette The Magnum Opus, a lonely, alcoholic engineer desperate for human companionship creates a life-like doll, one who he thinks could love him forever. But this “doll” begins developing her own desires, leaving him feeling angry and alone once more. Despite his attempts to connect with her, she distances herself–and ultimately, discovers a secret of his that could destroy them both.

In her second publication, Dysmorphia, Deina tells ten stories, each relating to a different interpretation of the word “dysmorphia.” She tackles tough contemporary issues such as mental illness, gender identity, and more. Each character’s problems are unique and told in their own voice.