About the Author:
DiDi Hendley is a former IT professional from the midlands of SC. Fascination with manipulating images led her to study photography in 2006 and to become a professional photographer on leap day in 2008.

Her Angel Babies and Bubble Art series can be seen at www.BeamsByDiDi.com.

In February 2010, Christian Kane’s Acoustic Live in London CD inspired the Whirlwind Love series, and Libby’s Journey is the first of five stories (so far!). DiDi spent four years studying the art and craft of storytelling. She also attended Trident Tech in Charleston to study crafting screenplays and film production.

Libby’s Journey fans often comment that the book is “visual” and “should be a movie.” With nine titles now in progress, DiDi plans for her creative career path to be the journey of her lifetime.

More information can be found at www.DiDiHendley.com.