The first book is almost ready to send to the editor. The second is in the works. They are totally unrelated, perhaps reflecting Shawn’s random thought processes. A large part of Shawn’s career has been to take the round peg and pound it into the square hole and make it work. This was more true when he was at Texas Instruments than anywhere else, but he have always had the opportunity to work with a collection of systems that may or may not have been intended to work together. This coupled with his love of puzzles made for some interesting and challenging scenarios. Shawn converted from a software engineer to a business analyst in his role supporting the Application Maintenance and Support (AMS) Team (now Enterprise Product Support EPS). Training our off-shore and on-shore teams through knowledge acquisition of our production systems was an especially rewarding part of the job at Southwest. Now he is learning a new industry with his work with Advance Auto on their point of sale system. When he is not working or spending time with his lovely wife, he blogs, writes, reads, hikes and photographs.

Specialties: Process, troubleshooting, business analysis, improving existing systems, metrics definition and collection, analysis and reporting.