Jan Yager, Ph.D. has been in the publishing industry since her first job, for three years, at Macmillan Publishing Company in the school division, followed by a year at Grove Press doing everything from acquisitions, foreign rights, sales, publicity, and marketing. In addition to being published by major houses for her international hit titles including WHEN FRIENDSHIP HURS (Simon & Schuster/Touchstone), Doubleday, Prentice-Hall, HarperCollins India, Pearson Random House, among others, Dr. Jan Yager started her own small press 20 years ago. Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc. publishes adult nonfiction and fiction, young adult fiction, illustrated children’s books, and journals. They are active in selling foreign rights for their own titles and a select number of authors, publishers, and literary agencies. Over the years, Dr. Yager has attended or exhibited at such major foreign rights fairs as the Frankfurt Book Fair, the London Book Fair, the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, and Book Expo, as well book fairs in Prague, Abu Dhabi, and Taiwan. Her own titles have been translated into 33 languages. For more on Jan, go to: http://www.drjanyager.com For more on Hannacroix Creek Books, go to: http://www.hannacroixcreekbooks.com You can e-mail her directly at: Hannacroix@aol.com


  • Book Coach
  • Editing: Copy Editing
  • Editing: Developmental Editing

Work Samples

Doodles Lanhorn and the Quest to Save Inner Earth

Middle school novel by Russell D. Bernstein

Various foreign rights sales

Front covers of various foreign rights sales

My Name is Eric

Novel by Rei Kimura, translated into Chinese and Italian