In its simplest sense, IndieReader is a venue for discriminating book-lovers to find and purchase books published by the people who wrote them. Think indie movies–produced with a singular vision–instead of the mass-marketed stuff you’d find at the multiplex. In a world where almost everything is packaged by committee, IndieReader offers you books with a single voice: the writer’s own.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying that Indie books are better than those that are traditionally published. We’re just saying they’re different. Let’s face it… you pretty much know what you’re getting when you pick up the latest Danielle Steele or James Patterson. And sometimes that’s a good thing. But sometimes you just don’t want to read the same old same old. Sometimes you want to read a book that’s genuine, unique and outside the mainstream. A book that will surprise you. A book that isn’t on the night table of every other person you know.

The indie book movement features writers who want to continue the tradition of book publishing on their own terms—keeping it relevant and steadfast despite the sales and marketing formulas used by the traditional publishers today.
Are you an IndieReader? You’ll never know till you try.