I am an interdisciplinarian currently writing a short science fiction series called Marshab.

This is a pure experiment in what happens next, but the Earth world of Marshab is not much different than our own, its just taken a different path with regards to attitudes about technology, automation and humanism. Like me, my characters are also blending skills to do something different than has been done before. Like our Earth, this one has repositioned space travel from a military effort to a more speculative entrepreneurial effort. In the world of Marshab, this also failed. What remains is a human desire to learn, to expand life bearing capacity, to explore, and to build. These are things we love, beyond fashion, fame and finance.

The characters of Marshab range from those who grew up in an increasingly automated world to those who came of age in the era of rejection of mechanized interaction. The Earth cultures are so utterly disenchanted with the technological dehumanization of their lives that they are fighting to end the space programs, and have embraced a nearly Luddite approach to an industrial retrenchment that leaves Marshab and its progress to a fringe objective of making Earth more habitable as the ravages of industrialization continue to develop even in the factory stoppage that has siezed global economies.

What happens next? Let’s find out.

Right now, you can only get them through Amazon but I am considering an expansion. Currently, they are included in the Kindle Unlimited program, and free to Kindle Unlimited customers.

You can see them here:

I’ll make them free as often as I can, and when there are enough to tell a chunk of the story, I’ll bundle them, ok, but – in the meantime, $2.99 is less than a fancy iced coffee, so don’t feel too put upon in supporting my work in progress. Retrenchment is challenging.

Lately, I have been loading the artwork onto http://pixels.com/profiles/l-probus.html.
You can go there to find Marshab Series Tshirts and Tote bags!
Send me a picture of yourself with your Marshab goodies and I will totally send you a review copy of the next episode. Actually, I’ll do that anyway…just Ask!

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