Product Review: Samsung K3 Ultra-Slim MP3 Music Player

If you love your mp3 player’s thin, you will love the Samsung K3 personal audio device. This player is ultra-thin, and in many ways, is just right. It has all the features you could want, and those features are high-quality. Read also interesting facts “The Zen Stone -The Definition of MP3 Player Broadens“.
The Samsung K3 is a flash-based device, and is marketed for those who want lower capacity flash players. The new price for the K3 ranges from $60 – $120, but used ones can be purchased for a little as $30.

If you’re interested in the K3 but not sure if you want to purchase it, read on. This review will list everything you need to know before deciding if this player is for you. Be sure to read the recommendations “What to Look for when Buying a MP4 or MP3 Player on EBay.

The body of this device is very similar to that of the second-generation iPod Nano, and features a thin frame with a touch-sensitive navigation control and large 1.8″ LCD display.

The K3 weighs less than 2 ounces, and comes in three different colors: red, black, and green. The navigation control is flush with the player, and doesn’t feature any tactile buttons or wheels. The buttons are purely touch-sensitive, and work very well.

The firmware is smooth and nice, and doesn’t feel cheap or clunky at all. It is easy to use and learn.

Features include a support for DRM music, including all the major stores – URGE, Rhapsody, and Napster. It doesn’t, however, have support for AAC, which means you can’t use iTunes.

In addition to support from for those stores, there also a photo feature which allows users to view JPEGs on the bright LCD.

FM radio is a standard on the player, as it is on most devices. The battery is rated to last about 20 hours, which is currently standard for flash players.

Audio Quality
The audio quality for the K3 is amazing, and rivals most of the high end players, including the iPod. The sound quality is good enough to justify higher-end headphones, and won’t disappoint.

You have to create playlists with Windows Media Player, and then transfer them to the device, which is a bit annoying and takes a little while.

Unfortunately, there is no support for video, which would have been nice considering the K3’s large LCD. The capacity isn’t limiting, so it’s a bit surprising this feature wasn’t thrown into the mix.

If you like your devices thin and light, you’ll love the K3. This mp3 player has excellent audio quality, a low price, and a stylish body. The firmware is smooth and intuitive, and the touch navigation panel is very sleek.