My name is Mel Thorn, and I love to create things.

Specifically, I love to create worlds, characters, and artwork. Since I was old enough to pick up a pencil (or perhaps a crayon at the time), I’ve been a lover of writing stories and drawing, and even combining the two. When I tell a tale, I want to draw the character I had in mind for that tale, and desire to bring my fiction to life in many different ways. My genre/niche is almost primarily M/M romance, or other genres with a gay romance sub-genre.

In addition to drawing and writing, I’m a chainmaille crafter. I make bracelets out of anodized aluminum, and sometimes bright aluminum. As of right now Sterling silver is a bit ambitious for me (and pricey), but I hope to one day add it to my list of materials. I’m always trying to teach myself new weaves, and thinking of designing my own.

In between my writing career and artistic career, I practice and play my Ibanez guitar. Since I’m always writing my own lyrics, and coming up with my own tunes in my head (especially when in the shower!), I wanted to take the next step and learn one of my all-time favorite instruments, and to put it to good use! Hopefully it won’t be more than a couple of years before I make an album or two.

In the future (hopefully sooner rather than later), I plan to learn how to sculpt. Seeing as I have so much on my plate already, I’ve placed this on the farthest back burner for now until I reach a more comfortable zone.

I have a husband; a wonderfully supporting man who never ceases to hold me up whenever I fall. I’d do anything for him, just as he’s done everything possible for me. Without his encouragement, I might never have tried publishing my own work. I owe him a lot more than a handmade lunch every morning.