Presently completing a fourth draft of a science fiction/war novel set in the very near future; where China invades Japan, brought about by the present socio-economic environment. The USA fails to intervene, nor is there any support from other Pacific Rim Countries. Hopefully it will be a wake up call to Japan to implement the “Miyamoto Protocols”, before it is too late. Both USA’s reason for failing to defend Japan and the triggers for the war are already in place. However had Honda implemented the Protocols in 2006; Japan would still be the second largest grossing economy and several of the causes of the up coming war would have been negated. There will be a sequel: 78K words in and less than half of the material used.
My photo is the original image of Kasumi (Mist) the heroine of the first book.

Inspiration and knowledge drawn from personal experience involving RAF Service during the Cold War; eight years as a Honda Associate and various consultancy work for Finance Houses, Local Government and Defence Agencies, conducted over fourteen years.

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