Nushin Alloo is a manager in Global Strategy & Operations for a large consulting company. Prior to entering her current position, Nushin served as a US Diplomat in the Middle East and lived and worked in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, India, and the UAE. Nushin has an MBA and BS from the Wharton School, as well as a master’s in the Arabic language from the University of Maryland.

With a passion for humanitarian causes, Nushin has partnered with several NGOs to promote the financial empowerment and well-being of women and refugees. She was selected and sponsored to serve a fellow for MBAs without Borders, where she worked in collaboration with the Ghanaian Ministry of Finance to strengthen the micro-enterprise sector, and most recently served as a medical translator and humanitarian needs assessor for Syrian refugees in Jordan and Greece. Nushin’s hobbies include organic gardening, making ayurvedic skincare products, and exploring the world.