Essay writing outline
The beginning of the work should be slightly distant, but it should not be stretched. A few sentences that lead the reader smoothly to the main point is fine. As a rule, it is a general view of the problem.

Main idea
Next, you need to formulate a thesis statement based on the topic proposed for the essay. The thesis is the main idea that the author proves in the following text. Here is where there is room for rigor and brevity. It is better to formulate it briefly and close to the topic. A properly formulated thesis statement will help “push back” the author to write a beautiful and structured essay.

The main idea can be “crystallized” by simply agreeing or disagreeing with the problem, question, or solution suggested in the topic. The use of the phrases “I believe…”, “In my opinion…”, “Everyone knows for sure…”, etc. will be successful.

The author’s opinion requires logical confirmation. Therefore, after viewing the essay writing service review , it will be clear how to explain in a couple of sentences specifically chosen position. Arguments should be logical and consistent. It is necessary to clearly ensure that in the text the author does not contradict himself. The use of personal turns of speech will also be appropriate here.

Examples .
To confirm the arguments expressed helpfully selected examples. Here it all depends on the literacy and education of the author. Examples from literature, which successfully emphasize the choice of the author, will give the essay imagery and coherence.

But you should not limit yourself to literary examples. History is also rich in instances that can fit the main idea of the essay. It is enough to look a little wider: in music, painting, even in sports there is no successful example that illustrates the correctness of the thinking of the author?

However, in order to beautifully emphasize the main idea, it is possible to bring an example from one’s own life. It is enough to “formalize” it with beautiful turns. In this part of the text, many, however, go overboard with exuberant sentences. To write an essay beautifully, you do not need to use a thousand artistic means that take away from the point. The main thing is to stick to the topic of the essay and know the measure of the words (many teachers do not like excessive, albeit beautiful, “filling” of essays).

Conclusion .
Well, of course, it is very important to make a correct and clear conclusion. He must be clearly articulated and logically follow from what was said in the previous text. This part may be the smallest (or comparable to the introduction) part of the work. But it should contain the so-called “juice,” the moral, etc. This can be achieved by briefly arguing the chosen thesis once again.

Although some topics may require a certain amount of understatement, this technique is well suited for completing essays on abstract topics. In this case, the conclusion should be formulated in such a way that the reader can think of the end on his or her own.

In addition
When writing an essay, you always want to formalize it beautifully, to present the main idea in lush words and vivid images. You can do this with the help of quotations from various literary works, one of which can even be taken out, as an epigraph.

Artistic means (epithets, metaphors, hyperbole, etc.) will also help “decorate” the essay, but, as already mentioned, in their use need to know the measure – better less imagery, but on the topic. Teachers will appreciate this.

In addition to the beauty of the design of the work, you also need to pay attention to its literacy. It is better to run through the text once more and check every comma, than to suffer later from inattention and haste.

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