Peggy M. McAloon is a retired speaker, trainer, and national sales manager in the field of commercial credit. She is extremely active in protecting our water resources, winning the National Daughers of the American Revolution (DAR) Conservation Award in 2013. She has been interviewed by the Associated Press, numerous television stations, and magazines about toxins in our waters and runoff issues.

As an author, Peggy has been featured on numerous interviews (see http://peggymcaloon.com/books for links) in her efforts to empower kids in trouble to seek help and inspire others to help through fantasy. In her words, “I want to live in a world where children are protected from the social injustices that plagued my generation.” Her own journey through childhood abuse and a disabling accident provides a foundation for her to connect with kids through storytelling. She urges parents to download the parental discussion sheet found under the above tab to use as a basis of book discussion with their children, using the characters to discuss issues kids everywhere face today.

When she’s not writing, you can find her at the School of the Arts or by Tainter Lake in Menomonie, WI creating watercolor paintings, reading, and playing with her grandchildren and two Shih Tzu rescue pups.

Peggy is currently working on the second book in the Elle Burton, “Lessons from Fiori” Series, “Missing”.