I am a fiction author with one published novel and another currently being readied for publication. My first book, Ebocloud, is a literary thriller about a cataclysmic social media movement. It was published in 2013 by Aqueous Books and is now included in the syllabus for a Duke University literature course, alongside William Gibson’s Neuromancer and Dave Eggers’ The Circle. Please see more at: http://www.ebocloud.com

My education was in Fine Arts, with courses in creative writing at Tufts. Much of my career has been devoted to design—print, video, multimedia and web. I am a principle and founder of the online business forum, RetailWire.com, where I oversee and write editorial and marketing content for such clients as IBM, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. My editorials have appeared in USA Today and I am a regular contributor to Forbes.

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