Shahrzad Amirsadeghi is An Iranian born Swiss and French educated woman, she has worked spherically in different arenas but her first love has always been using her artistic abilities in a variety of different capacities. Three years ago Mrs. Amirsadeghi realized that the future of the world rests in the hand of its children and that was the genesis of the book series Shaheen the Shaheen falcon. Ms. Amirsadeghi speaks to the children in regards to subjects that they could understand and relate to. She knows that children are pure and free of the chains and fetters of prejudice in whatever form it shows itself. This is why she’s dedicated her life in writing this series of books empowering today’s children to believe in themselves regardless of where they’re born, what they look like and what ailments they may have making them believe in themselves so they can become tomorrow’s spectacular leaders.

Books by Shahrzad