I have some positive aspects that some other PE enthusiasts might not have that may possibly clarify my gains. Initially off, I perform out of my residence so I can afford to become committed to this endeavor. Secondly, I am a lengthy time (30 years plus) bodybuilding and weight instruction enthusiast, so even though I’m 47, my physique is made use of to having a lot if tension on it. To become frank, I usually do not have PE sessions that happen to be a walk within the park; I crank the traction up as high as I can and cope with it for so long as I can. I feel my higher protein diet (about 300 grams or more per day) connected with my bodybuilding life-style, plus the truth that I do not drink or smoke assistance too.

I also have (naturally) incredibly higher testosterone levels. I think this speeds both my recovery in exercising and PE.

In quick, I am not looking to sell any solution and am merely disseminating my final results to interested parties. I am open to suggestions on other traction devices, manual procedures and hanging.

Also, an important point: I’m a little leery in the notion that 1000 hrs of PE in sizegenetics or equivalent traction devices equates to a 1 inch achieve. This really is based on an extrapolation with the information found within the reviewed papers on the topic (like Nikoobakht et al, J Sex Med 2011;8:3188-3192). I’m a well-published researcher (nevertheless, not in physiology, urology or any subject that would directly give me experience in PE) along with the thought of producing a linear extrapolation of final results from research carried out on time scales of weeks to a number of months for the scale of years raises a flag. From my experience, the 1000 hrs equates to 1 inch claim seemed applicable for about the initially 6-8 months. My final results are slowing down now. I plan to segue into other PE techniques to try to stimulate additional fast development in the future.