Hey, y’alls! I’ve been writing ever since my 6th grade teacher told me I had a knack for it. Be careful of encouragement, us 80s kids have an over-inflated sense of self-worth and confidence.

Sickening efforts of teenage angst mixed with an undying proliferation of love that melted into an overly critical view of oneself while coming of age which eventually projected those short-comings onto society and then used the lessons of Socrates and Marcus Aurelius to justify an isolated and theoretical view of the world… Or, in short, I’m single and I whine about it. I love true romance, especially the kind that can make me laugh. I write all about it in my book, Mojo And The American Female.

I also have quite the imagination and an appetite for things that make us human. Who are we? Why are we? History, creation, mythology, religion, and the ongoing and ever heroic battle of good vs. evil… My natural disposition is to create balance within the universe, not choose sides with my fleshy brethren. Combining the cultures and teachings of the ancients with logic and science fiction, I’ve concocted my own origin story and foretell the future of mankind. You can read all about within The Final Book series of novels.

I also, occasionally, have to place my mind within the “real” world. A thought so perplexing that I’ve distanced myself as far away from it as I could and used my “talents” to digest the internet. Since my career began I’ve been walking a tightrope of digital promotion and live events, taking my lessons and senseforth decree my absolution of Internet Morality. Articles guiding the wary digital traveler can be found on www.swhammond.com.

Lastly, I’m just a dude (not “The Dude”) like any other dude. I have a fondness for the ocean, my dog, and family. I purposefully get lost in nature and spend more money than I have on good food and drink. I enjoy my friends but don’t express my appreciation as often as I should. I ultimately want to spur individual thought, be the inspiration of discussion, and the catalyst for change.

Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions, radical thoughts, or love notes. I’ll do my best to treat you with respect and give your queries honest consideration. After all, that’s all I ever wanted.


SW Hammond