T. R. Robinson’s initial inspiration to write came from when she realised her life, as well as those of her ancestors, were anything but ‘normal’. They were certainly not ‘run-of-the-mill’. Originating within a very loving family she was, at a very early age, unexpectedly thrown into a very cruel world. Abuse, torture, violence and disappointment followed and have been ‘companions’ for as long as she can remember. However, she also enjoyed some fun times that she recalls with pleasure. For example: when, together with a good friend, dressed in evening gowns and with best jewellery on, both fell face first into mud or when a young man, stopping her in the High Street, went on his knees to, as he put it, ‘worship’ her. These and other similar events still bring a smile to her face. Having survived the abuse, torture (World War II) and eventually escaping from domestic violence T. R. went on to experience a variety of different employments. These included laboratory assistant, night hospital orderly, machinist in a clothing factory, and many more until finally finding a niche in the world of public houses and night clubs as a barmaid and waitress. Though not glamorous the latter provided the income, by working three jobs at the same time, to support and bring up her son. Regrettably she did not entirely leave abuse and violence behind. But she is a survivor and is still here to share a variety of tales, both factual and fictional.