I grew up on a Minnesota farm and had many animals. After graduating High School I joined the Air Force and became a morse code interceptor and spent my Air Force career overseas – Italy. Got married by the Major of Brindisi, Italy in 1990 and after having my first child decided to become a full time mom.

I became a mother of (4) three grown children and one still at home (age 13). When my children were very young I started writing down the games they pretended. They were my inspiration for many book ideas back then. The book I have decided to start with was inspired by my 13 year old son, who years ago pretended to play with coins. He was bored and had nothing better to do since we were away from the house and his toys. I am currently retired and thought it was time to get busy publishing all my stories. I did take a online writing course many years ago through the The Institute of Children’s Literature.