The most common way to get your test levels 5g male reviews checked is through a blood test. This is a pretty quick way to determine whether or not you are working towards maximizing your potential for muscle growth. One of the things that can slow down this process is weight lifting. Lifting heavy weights for long periods of time can reduce the testosterone levels in your body. This is a big concern as guys who are serious about their bodybuilding often focus on their workout routine and leave everything else to chance.

You can actually speed up the process of taking your testosterone supplements by taking some things care of. First you must make sure that you are not taking in too many carbs. Carbs can mess with the testosterone process as well. If you are not working out hard enough, you may want to consider cutting back on your carb consumption. If you are not a big fan of taking in carbs then you can take an herb that will boost your energy levels and allow you to work harder without having to cut back on the fat.