Soaps that you use for bathing should be unscented herpesyl reviews and very mild. This will reduce the irritants that touch your skin. Choose hypoallergenic products or those made for babies.

People with eczema are often recommended to stay out of the sun. Excessive sun exposure can harm your skin and lead to burns. However, if you are deficient in vitamin D, that can contribute to eczema. Vitamin D deficiency is caused by not getting enough exposure to the sun. The best thing to do is to get about 10 or 15 minutes in the sun each day.

Find a sunscreen that works for you. Getting a sunburn is terrible for your skin. At the same time, certain sunscreens can make eczema worse. It is important that you experiment with different sunscreens before using one. Find a sunscreen that will protect your skin from the sun without irritating it.