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  • My Life with Autism

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    A Personal Autobiography of the daily struggles that i face living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and my difficulties with Social Skills. Autism is classified in the DSMV (Diagnostical and Statistical Manual), the ‘gospel’ of the American Psychiatric Association, as a developmental disability that affects 1 in every 88 babies born, more boys than girls. It’s […]

    Posted by ben012
    Wellington, New Zealand 1 project posted
  • Lady Saville’s Lover

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    This project is a Regency romance. It’s been edited and is published as an ebook. However, when I glanced through it a few days ago I found a couple of typos which slipped through. The project is 46,000 words. I’d love something to go through it, just to find any and all typos. No other […]

    Posted by penred
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  • The Mindful Practice of Falun Gong: A Study of is Health-Wellness Effects

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    Someone who can advise or do indexing for the book on word doc or InDesign.

    Posted by meetrey
    New York, NY, United States 1 project posted
  • An Unraveled Thread

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    An Unraveled Thread follows the story of Sarah Maris, a young woman who lives in a world of lies, and the events that brought the destruction of her common life. Told from her perspective as she wrote it all down in her diary. The overall story is nearing completion, but not completely done. Editing and […]

    Posted by mervin-maris
    Arizona, United States 1 project posted
  • Eating Lean and Green with Super Foods to Save the Planet!

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    I have written a 40 page children’s non-fiction picture book about healthful eating, with consideration for farm animals and the planet. I have licensed stock photos for the illustrations. I am in need of a designer to fine tune the lay out of photos/ text to ready for publication.

    Posted by barbaracolegates
    Oceanside, CA, United States 3 projects posted
  • Kingdom Come

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    I’m getting through a former NaNoWriMo novel, and going through it myself. Mostly looking for someone to edit and compare notes, or generally tell me overly used flaws. This is a literal “zero draft” work, with no prior editing into it, so it’s still really messy at times. It’s about 60k words, and a sci-fi, […]

    Posted by billiejoeiscool
    Connecticut, United States 1 project posted
  • Beauty For Ashes

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    I just need a good copywriter who can fix grammatical issues and identify timeline holes in my story.

    Posted by jasperrains
    St. Louis, MO, United States 1 project posted
  • Need to enhance book

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    I have completed writing my book so I don’t need a full-fledged ghost writer. At this point I’m looking to add more meat to it and enhancing the material with more ideas, quotes, stories, facts, etc. It may require a little research. This is a self help book for women so I would prefer women […]

    Posted by seline101
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  • Willoughby

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    An agent who is willing to work for a percentage of the book sales. Novel is ready to be promoted and sold now.

    Posted by scottnorcross
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  • Mars Colony One

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    Posted by andyaspellclark
    Bristol, UK 1 project posted