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  • Need Marketers To Sell More

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    Hello there, My name is K1 MIRZAEE and l have a #1 Amazon bestseller book called “Life Code” which is about self-help, personal growth and motivational. The new edition with a new design is ready on all book platforms but my focus is on selling $9.99 paperback (physical book) to sell more copies. Seeking marketers, […]

    Posted by k1mirzaee
    Cassino, Province of Frosinone, Italy 1 project posted
  • The Life of A Migrant

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    Children’s book I have written. I want to make it into a series. Please read my profile for more detail. First I need someone to proof it. I need it to flow. Then I need an illustrator.

    Posted by pokorak1000
    Taylor, TX, United States 1 project posted
  • Looking for help marketing published book

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    I published a book a couple of months ago and I’m interested in getting help to market it. It is a YA Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy that is a retelling of Cinderella with witches and where the prince needs saving.

    Posted by katiedoyle
    Indiana, United States 1 project posted
  • Completed, edited crime novel need beta readers

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    Hey everyone. I have a crime novel complete at 78,000 words that has been edited and I believe is ready to go. I would like to have some beta readers test it however and get some feedback and input. I am seeking those with an interest in crime/mystery/thriller novels.

    Posted by nyterp8
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  • La cuisine de mamie

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    I have a book that i wrote in 2005 the only edition is in french language, now i would like to translate it in spanish & english, and them to publich it around the word. This book talk about cuban recepices with one ilustration in black and grey on each page belong one recepice. All […]

    Posted by dorisachicagoen
    1 project posted
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    Book about slavery through 19th century Making book available to educational institutions and household S. Tenth grade reading level with references.

    Posted by sagesavant
    D.C., DC, United States 1 project posted
  • Recently Published Book Needs Marketing Assistance

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    I recently published my second novel through a small New York publisher, and am seeking some basic assistance in the area of marketing. Specifically, I’d like to have book signing events set up in the Virginia/DC area, as well as have the book featured on related blogs. Budget-wise, this is coming out of pocket, so […]

    Posted by yusufblanton
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  • Children’s Picture Book

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    I am a first time author for Children’s Literature. I have started a picture book series and I’m looking to publish it. My first book of the series is ready for art/and cover design. I’m looking to get help and advice in both areas. Attached you will find my completed manuscript of Quarter Cop and […]

    Posted by teena-g
    McKinney, TX, United States 1 project posted
  • The Painted Guitar

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    Anyone that can help me get my children book out to self help for kids.

    Posted by tracy33
    1 project posted
  • AMERICA (We the People) Not an Obamanation

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    This is a political essay intended to get Obama impeached before he completes his task of destroying a great nation. It is history and factual based with charts, graphs and spin free comments. It will open the eyes of those who are sitting on the sideline waiting for the next election. Too late!

    Posted by shadowrf34
    Seaside, Oregon 1 project posted