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  • Adjustable Computer Desk

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    The world is becoming technologically advanced day by day due to which people are enjoying the invention of new hi-tech products. The computers have been one of the most useful and technical inventions ever made. This has revolutionized the outlook of the people towards using everything. There are plenty of computer supply stores nowadays. Not […]

    Posted by rackfinity017
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  • School Management Software

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    Edunext technologies has developed School Management Software that offers the Online Integrated School Management Information System to manage all school processes in an efficient & cost-effective way.

    Posted by edunext1
    Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India 1 project posted
  • College homework help

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    We at The College Homework Help come out with the expert writers who are efficient enough. We here provide you the excellent college assignment help exactly according to your needs.

    Posted by homecom
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  • Assignment Arena

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    Posted by assignmentarena
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  • Look out For Your Anthony Morrison Guides

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    Now we are likely to chat somewhat about the Anthony Morrison publications. Inside this age when everyone else is interested in earning money we are in short supply of the appropriate information and guidelines. Anthony Morrison is operating as one among the best possible marketing ace and teachers. He’s known for earning plenty of money […]

    Posted by anthonymorrisonlearn
    Madison, MS, United States 1 project posted
  • Creating an interactive pdf/e-book – suitable as an online file for desktop/publishable for tablet on app store

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    I am a Marketing executive who works in the B2B telecoms sector. I’m currently looking for an experienced graphic designer who is able to create an interactive pdf/e-book that would be suitable for desktop/tablet use and publishable as an app via the app store. The book would be a price catalogue that listed tariffs from […]

    Posted by adam-p
    Wilmslow, United Kingdom 1 project posted
  • Almost

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    I’m looking to hire an editor who does developmental editing, as well as someone who does substantive or line editing for a fiction novel. The genre of my novel can easily fall into any one of the following categories: Christian, Women, Inspirational, Young Adult, or Crime/Detective. The Chameleon is a master of disguise criminal who […]

    Posted by inspiredreads
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  • The Legend in the Winds

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    Dear Concern, I am a first time writer looking for a professional editor to dissect my 108,000 word science fiction thriller, The Legend in the Winds. The manuscript is finished, revised, rewritten, and even edited to the best of my abilities, but it is only as far I believe I can take it by myself. […]

    Posted by avisidhu
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  • The Final Book: Gods

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    ————CLOSED PROJECT HAS BEEN AWARDED———— The book has been read by about 10 people with varying skill sets- self-proclaimed “literary gurus” and down the list to your mom (my mom, actually). Each has provided feedback and notes- even correcting grammar and spelling with a goddamned red pen. I’m probably in my 4th or 5th rewrite […]

    Posted by swhammond
    Lost Vegas, NV 1 project posted
  • ExtraOrdinary

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    The story takes place in an apocalyptic world where humans have become gods, each possessing a unique ability. The main character, Braiten, doesn’t have any ability, though, and he must navigate through a corrupt and greedy world, facing super-powered villains and obstacles along the way.

    Posted by alexgates
    Galt, CA, United States 1 project posted