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  • Publicist for Children’s Book Project on Syria

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    Need help creating a marketing campaign for the following: Our organization has started a project to highlight and help change the narrative of countries often associated with conflict by exploring them at their best, in an attempt to preserve their beautiful heritage, history, and culture to children and adults alike. This has been done via […]

    Posted by nalloo
    Los Angeles, CA, United States 2 projects posted
  • A Storm of Joy – Children’s Book Project

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    Hello – I’m looking for an experienced illustrator for a fairy tale. It’s the story of a Queen and her son, the Prince on whom all of her favor rests. The Queen was a very loving and motherly queen. The Prince was very funny and charming. He brought much fun and laughter to the Queen […]

    Posted by sherrisengsouvanna
    Houston, TX, United States 1 project posted
  • Jakk’s Journey

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    Jakk’s Journey is published and available on Amazon in [ paperback] and [ Kindle] formats. Thanks to Geoff Smith for doing an excellent job of editing.

    Posted by tomwsulcer
    Summit, New Jersey, United States 1 project posted
  • Fatherless, Bilingual, Born & Raised in Chicago, 17 Years old in military, defying all odds, Overcoming adversity.

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    Picture a 12 year old kid, single mother home, sitting on his rooftop in inner city Chicago, of his house (a bodega), in a rat infested neighborhood and no stranger to the prostitutes, drugs, violence, and various gang wars and vices that continue to take the lives of millions and millions of kids in our […]

    Posted by d-josiah1
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  • Inspirational Book of personal quotes (360 quotes) from a dad to his kids – great for kids & adults everywhere…

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    Services Requested: Project – All Steps To Publish E-Book (current completed copy setup in Adobe In-Design and Word) 1- Edit Book Manuscript 2- Finalize Book Content Layout 3- Finalize existing book “draft” logo and Cover and Back of book 4- Create 2-3 page ecommerce website to show book information, purchase/download book and collect email address […]

    Posted by ianjames
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  • A working title: WORLD WAR II MEMOIR

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    This Copy/Line Editing/Proofreading project is a narrative memoir, approx. 180,000 words, with authentic SOUTHERN DIALECT which was transcribed verbatim from taped interviews. It is important to note that, for an easier read, the grammar has been corrected in most instances, except where retained for effect, while otherwise preserving the flavor of the speaker’s dialect. Familiarity […]

    Posted by writerslk
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  • The Supervision Solution

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    The budget I listed below is a placeholder. I don’t know how much this project should cost, so I would welcome pricing as part of any proposal. I wrote “The Supervision Solution: Manage Performance – Not People.” I wrote it to provide business leaders who rarely read business books, an easy and engaging way to […]

    Posted by supervision
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  • Camp Austin

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    I’m Nancy and want to publish my first novel. It’s about a seventeen year old suffering from depression. She tries to get help and stumbles on Camp Austin. But it’s not what it looks like…

    Posted by nancyokocha24
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  • Fear of Drowning

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    I am looking for someone to guide me through the indy publishing process beginning with a book cover design. The novel has been professionally edited and has received excellent feedback from many agents. I would like to publish it this Fall.

    Posted by nikkipag
    Massachusetts, United States 1 project posted
  • THE College Plan: Key Insights to Overcome Mistakes, Failures, Rejection, and Disappointment

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    Three months ago, I started this crazy journey of wanting to do more to help high school/college students. After slaving away every night for hours, I have finally finished a nonfiction book that I plan on using with high school students or individuals that are trying to execute their college plan. As the competition to […]

    Posted by hectorrosalesspeaks
    Boston, MA, United States 1 project posted