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  • A Traveler’s Travel Guide

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    Looking for Substantive editing of a non-fiction, how-to travelers’ guide. Target reader is Canadian and USA travelers, their families and would-be travelers. Text is completed with 4 rewrites, self editing and facts checked. Editor should have experience in the genre and/or be a traveler. About 39,000 words require professional editing. Overall text totals some 41,000 […]

    Posted by jweber12385
    Florida, USA 1 project posted
  • Buy Fake Grass East Midlands

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    Buy Fake Grass East Midlands with specialised company Better Than Grass that supply and install Dog Friendly Grass, Artificial Grass, Fake Lawn, Pet Friendly Grass, Astro Turf Grass, Fake Grass and more products offered by us. For more information visit our site or contact us.

    Posted by betterthangrass
    Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom 1 project posted
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    I wrote a 12,500 word fictional story on internet dangers geared towards Middle School students (11-14). I am looking for a copy editor with experience with this age group and the knowledge base of relatable urban venular.

    Posted by coryajones
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  • Ossuary

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    Seeking a developmental editor for a 70,000-word supernatural thriller. First in a series of seven.

    Posted by eb7228
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  • “Listen To HIS Heartbeat #3”

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    Not looking to hire right now. I am writing the third book of my devotion trilogy, “Listen To HIS Heartbeat #3”.

    Posted by lindaetter
    Adrian, MI, United States 1 project posted
  • Psych thriller developmental editor needed

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    I’m looking for someone who has experience editing thrillers, especially developmental editing or manuscript evaluation. I write psychological thrillers and need an editor to help me achieve my goals. Estimated MS length is 75,000-80,000 words.

    Posted by gkabongo
    1 project posted
  • 13daysAroundEurope

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    I am writing my ebook records my real trip around some countries in Europe for 13 days. Its my birthday present for my 30th. Its not a travel trip, its a gap-year for me to review my life time and take a wide look to know how large the world could be. Outside my ebook, […]

    Posted by kamitrang
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  • Proofread 400 page sci-fi

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    I am looking to hire someone with references. The novel is 400 pages, 124k words and has already been edited, but my current editor is busy. The script is quite clean, although, I need someone to pick out the small mistakes here and there, such as passive voice, unnecessary narrative, comma usage. This would include […]

    Posted by oliverg
    Australia 1 project posted
  • Convert images/writing from my blog into both print and ebook for Amazon and other sites

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    Hi, I am looking for someone who can combine the words and images from my blog into both a print and ebook for distribution on Amazon/Createspace and other sites. I have an image for the cover, but need help making it look more professional. I also need help designing a title page and the back […]

    Posted by kirstinlenane
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