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  • interior design consultants in dubai

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    Inside framework is the craftsmanship and interior design consultants in uae examination of upgrade the idea of inside and as a rule outside of a space or building. The calling of inside diagram is the consequence of headway of society and it gives another arrangement to the universe of plan. An inside fashioner is one […]

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  • Y Leadership

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    This book is a general management and leadership guide geared towards the up and coming Millennial (Gen Y) Leaders who are and will be leading organizations in the next 30 years. We co-authored this book as we found Millennials need more coaching as to how to become great leaders in the high level executive roles […]

    Posted by millennialleaderbook
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  • Project Manager – Romance Publisher

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    We’re a small Romance publisher looking for a Project Manager who can begin to take over the day-to-day publishing process, and eventually help us grow. This is equals parts creative (managing the creative process) and organizational (managing promotions, marketing etc.). This will start as a part-time, hourly role but has the chance to grow into […]

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  • Ghost writing for a business book (investment banking)

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    Looking for a ghost writer to author a book to convert real life investment banking stories.

    Posted by ikapital
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