Tragicomic, surreal novel set in quasi sci-Fi/fantasy universe open

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I am looking for a beta reader who would be ready to assess my novel with particular focus on plot flow, characters, universe and word choice. I am not expecting the beta reader to check all the grammar/spelling since it would be the work for an editor. I am more than happy to accept voluntary offers/exchange. If paid then I would expect that to be within my budget – up to 200$ – and to provide me with editorial report of at least 6-8 pages long.(it would be even better to have some commentary within the document).\

I do believe that writer and beta reader etc. should have similar scope of writing style/genre preferences thus I would like to ask you whether you would feel in line with my original novel entitled The First Example, the tragicomic, surreal journey through the world where outlandish technology coincide with extroverted “Greek Gods”. It aims at answering the question about the balance in between being manipulated and being obsessed with that. I have to put particular emphasis on the most crucial word over there- that is surreal. It might be also pretty confusing to the reader with mutually excluding variations implied and most, even basic, answers revealed at the very end. At times it also uses strong metaphorical description, especially when MC is being transformed to “different reality”.

Here is the very short synopsis of that :

The First Example begins just in the middle. In the middle of the road when he wakes up nearby his car. He doesn’t remember anything though he doesn’t have any sensation of memory loss. He feels perfectly well and even his car seems to be intact. Then he finds his ID with blurred name and surname but fully visible City’s name – The First Example and his address. When reaching it there is not anything more awaiting him than fainting woman and the comics-like steel-faced policeman who arrests him and takes for a trial.

The eerie absurdity is being blown to its extremes. The trial means connecting the suspect to the set of tubes which are claimed to extract the quintessence of one’s conscience and transform it into the core machine in the other room. In spite of the fact that it is vowed to be impeccable it malfunctions and the decision-process is being based on evidences brought by parties involved. The woman introduced as wife of suspect brings 3 video-recordings showing the maltreatment and wild nature of man looking exactly the same way as hero. Nonetheless the latter can’t recognize any picture shown on the screen and insist on his innocence. The final verdict is however very unfavorable to the protagonist – 150 years in prison

The bubble of weirdness and unexplained spews its content right into a reader. A hero, called at the trial Mr. Azalsky, lands at Hades 2.0. , a prison situated deeply underground yet consisting of floating islands being attached by a system of traveling tubes. Encountering places and “Gods” known from Greek mythology however presented in another(at times drastically) perspective, he is whirlwind right into the middle of tragicomic, bizarre world from which he desires to escape. ( I’ve decided to cut in there in order not to spoil the potential reading experience. If you needed more of synopsis juts please let me know).

Word count: 72099

Thank you for your consideration and please mind that in order to enable the paid option you must accept Pay Pal.

Best regards
Bradley Shiner