A Storm of Joy – Children’s Book Project open

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Hello – I’m looking for an experienced illustrator for a fairy tale. It’s the story of a Queen and her son, the Prince on whom all of her favor rests. The Queen was a very loving and motherly queen. The Prince was very funny and charming. He brought much fun and laughter to the Queen and the kingdom but the Prince was a bit mischievous too. One day the Prince has a terrible fall and dies. The Queen is heartbroken. Both she and her entire kingdom fall into despair and depression at the loss of their beloved Prince. But one day the Prince returns to the Queen again in a new way that shocks the Queen. And together they dance through her tears of joy to heal a mother’s broken heart. This is my fairy tale but it is also the story of my life. This is the most important work I will ever write so I’m looking for the right illustrator to help me tell my story because love never dies. We can feel it forever! If you are that illustrator, I would love to talk to you. I’m looking for illustrations that are whimsical and not too polished. Thank you for considering my project. Much love and blessings to all – Sherri Sengsouvanna