A working title: WORLD WAR II MEMOIR open

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This Copy/Line Editing/Proofreading project is a narrative memoir, approx. 180,000 words, with authentic SOUTHERN DIALECT which was transcribed verbatim from taped interviews. It is important to note that, for an easier read, the grammar has been corrected in most instances, except where retained for effect, while otherwise preserving the flavor of the speaker’s dialect. Familiarity with U.S. Army and world events 1942-1945 would be very helpful, especially for discovery of any errors, but not essential. I am not looking for a heavy-handed editor on this particular project, as the ms is in good shape by all accounts. Just need an eagle-eye (and brain) to catch what has been missed–redundancy, unclear meaning, unintended implications, etc. as well as general proofing.
WOULD PREFER to connect with a LITERARY-MINDED EDITOR in the NEW YORK CITY/LONG ISLAND/WESTCHESTER area for this and additional book projects.