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I’m looking to hire an editor who does developmental editing, as well as someone who does substantive or line editing for a fiction novel. The genre of my novel can easily fall into any one of the following categories: Christian, Women, Inspirational, Young Adult, or Crime/Detective.

The Chameleon is a master of disguise criminal who just won’t stop. He’s committed crimes against women for over forty years. Suspected of being former CIA, coupled with his unique ability to change his identity, he’s still on the loose. He’s escaped capture every time he’s been apprehended. Hundreds of times now. Officer Paul Reese is obsessed with leading the newest effort to lock the Chameleon away once and for all–for the rest of his life. And he’s recklessly determined to do the same for a list of co-worker officers he suspects assisted the Chameleon with at least a handful of his escapes. If he prevails, the young officer will make history. If not, he just might become an accomplice. Will he be successful? Or almost—very nearly, close to, bordering on?

Almost is a rare look into the personal lives of compelling “victims” where the lines are blurred between trauma and fate, logic and understanding, and anger and forgiveness. It will resonate with any woman who’s ever been faced with a difficult decision, lack of hope, or… uncertainty about God’s compassionate love.