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Proofers Editors copy

Please read the below and see if this opportunity interests you.
Thank you,
Be part of a book launch that will change how the world learns and changes behaviors.

I am looking for a proofer- editor who is very interested in learning and behavioral change. Many experts believe that this book called Cracking The Learning Code, will forever transform how the world looks at creating learning and behavioral change. The research behind The Learning Code took over 30 years to compete and is very complex …. but the goal of this 14 book series is to make the science easily accessible so the general public can easily implement it.

We are looking for a writer, proofer, and/or editor that has a gift for communicating complex information in a language that the “everyman” can understand. If you feel you have this gift, we would like to discuss with you our vision of how to get this ground-breaking science to the world.

This research has already created a lot of buzz.
• I am represented by one of the most successful literary agencies in the country (the David Black Agency)

• One of the top PR firms in the country has projected that Cracking the Learning Code will be an Oprah type book and be talked about on every talk show in America.

• I have developed over 25 start-ups in fields from medicine to training. We understand develop businesses.

• We have built the world’s #1 website for a leading female disorder. We know how to use the web to drive eyeballs

• We already have over 5 million people to co-market the book to with well-known personalities like Robert Kyiosaki (his Rich Dad-Poor Dad book sold close to 40 million copies).

• We know how to market and build businesses…. the drawback for most authors.

We are looking for the right kind of person or persons to support us with writing, proofing and or editing as we take the ground breaking science to market with web pages, white papers, books and apps.

I suggest that you go to and look at the first video that automatically comes up.
If after looking at this video and the website, if you believe that you would like to be part of something bigger than yourself and if you have the skills to support us we would like to hear from you.
Please don’t contact us if this work does not resonate with you at a deep level.
Present Need
The first project is to do a first proof before I send the rough manuscript off to my agent.
I have a purposefully over written the first draft of the first book Cracking The Learning Code (approx. 500 pages) This first book will be used as background for the follow up books. We know lots will be cut and or added…but we will need this first rough draft as clean as reasonable to work off of. We will start with giving you 20 or so pages to edit…to see if we are all on the same page.
Please send your resume, experience and examples of your work.
Future Need
As pointed out we will need other writing, proofing and editing help as we build out the web portal, Blogs, chat rooms, white papers, books and apps.
What We Are Looking For
Someone with their “Head in the game”. That wants to use their skills to help change the world.
For the right person or persons this opportunity could be a wonderful chance to be part of something that will become a house hold brand name in the future. We look at ourselves as the “Apple” of Learning and Behavioral Change. It will give those associated with us at the start…. a wonderful “personal brand advantage” for future projects. Please understand we are still in start-up mode so we have limited finances until we launch the first book.
We Apologize in Advance
We apologize in advance for not answering all those responding to this post/ad. We appreciate your interest and your commitment to your craft. Yet we will only be able to respond to those that match the needs laid out here.
If the scientific bases of learning and behavioral change has no interest to you there is no need to reply to this post.

JW Wilson
Executive Director
Advanced Learning Institute

More Background on The Learning Code Follow Up Books.
We have been doing this research for over 30 years and now that it is bullet proof we are prepared to release it to the world in the first book and app. We have another 14 books and apps in the works and plan to release a book and an online app once every 12-18 months. (each book has an app)
Below are the rough suggested titles for future books in the works. All these follow up books and apps will be based on the research in this first book, Cracking The Learning Code. The follow up books will be less scientific and more practical.
1. Cracking The Learning Code for Parents: How You Can Use Neuroscience to Help Your Child Be Successful and Happy
2. Cracking the Learning Code For Teachers: How Understanding the Neuroscience of Learning Can Make You the Best Teacher in the World!
3. Cracking the Food Addiction Code, The 5% Solution: How Neuroscience Can Help You Defeat Food Addiction
a. Co-authored with Dr. Sheri Colberg, a recognized leader in the field of health transformation; consultant to NBC’s The Biggest Loser TV show, author of 12 books including: The Science of Staying Young, Matt Hoover’s Guide to Life, Love, and Losing Weight (Matt was the winner on Biggest Loser who married the third runner up on the show), and 50 Secrets of the Longest Living People with Diabetes. (
4. Cracking The Learning Code for Teens: How You Can Use Neuroscience to Help You Succeed in Life!
5. Cracking the Code for Successful Business: How the Latest Science Can Make Your Business Successful
6. Cracking The Learning Code for Parents Home School: How You Can Use Neuroscience to Be The Best Home School Parent in The World!
7. Cracking the Code for Cultural Change: How You Can Use Neuroscience to Transform Cultures
8. Cracking The Negotiation Code: How Science Can Make You a Master Negotiator
9. Cracking The Marketing and Branding Code: How Science Can Transform the Way the World Views Your Brand
10. Cracking The Drug and Addiction Code: How Science Can Help You Defeat Drug and Alcohol Addiction

More Background On The Advanced Learning Institute
At The Advanced Learning Institute to are now using a 30,000-foot view of the neurobiological research which we call The Learning Code to dramatically accelerate the speed and depth of learning and behavioral change in the areas of education, cultural transformation, and business development. We have presented the Learning Code science to or worked with organizations worldwide, such as the Mayo Clinic, Turner Broadcasting, The Rich Dad Organization, seminar organizations for speakers like Bill Clinton and Tony Robins, the Deming Institute, and the group which conducts leadership training for NASA, the UN and the National Institutes of Health, as well as to governments and educational institutions in Nigeria, Estonia, Brazil, and Spain.

We are also finding that the Learning Code science is transforming how companies market, position and brand themselves. From a scientific viewpoint, you as potential customer, can only become a paying customer when your brain shifts from one chemical state to another. Inside this context, we see that the main job of marketing and sales then becomes to deliver information in a way that creates neurochemical change in the buyer brain. (and as you will see later, also in their body). This more biological approach is giving companies and individuals profound insights, allowing them to substantially refine their marketing so it produces the biochemical changes in potential customers that can lead to substantial returns.

In addition, The Learning Code science is now being used at Masters Academy in Calgary Canada to help create the first school system in the world based on neurobiology. Here the learning now takes 20% less time, standardized test scores are 400% higher than the Province average and because the learning systems match the students’ biology and how they naturally learn, we have virtually eliminated behavioral issues. We are also very involved in a passion of mine, applying the latest scientific research to create systems that heal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We are using the science with the first residential treatment center for Wounded Warriors and the first school system to support children who live in poverty and/or have parents that have drug addiction, are in jail or have abandoned them, at Gordon Parks School in Kansas City.

Many of the organizations that implement the The Learning Code science have found it so disruptive to how they were developing learning and behavioral change programs in the past, that they have used the metaphor of the Intel Chip to describe how it works for them. They plug it in and the speed of learning and behavioral immediately changes. Once individuals understand The Learning Code science they never look at how to create learning and behavioral change in themselves or others in the same way ever again.