Editorial Assessment on a Business Book about Healthcare Entrepreneurship open

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First time author looking for professional-level feedback on a completed manuscript draft created with Scrivener. The book is about the nitty-gritty of IT (software) in Healthcare industry, so it’s pretty niche content. But it is written for a reader that knows very little about healthcare IT, and is aspiring to be an entrepreneur in it. So the content will resonate if the reader is motivated to learn about the details of a complex space.

I need my editor to read it carefully, and provide a “beta reading” overview that examines various aspects of the manuscript: writing style, overall flow and structure. Tell me where its best and where it sucks. Give concise, direct feedback on the state of the manuscript, clear evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses,

I’m on the verge of self-publication, so this would be crucial feedback from a reader’s perspective.

I would like the editor to know at least some basics of the Healthcare OR Entrepreneurship domains.