Fatherless, Bilingual, Born & Raised in Chicago, 17 Years old in military, defying all odds, Overcoming adversity. open

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Picture a 12 year old kid, single mother home, sitting on his rooftop in inner city Chicago, of his house (a bodega),
in a rat infested neighborhood and no stranger to the prostitutes, drugs, violence, and various
gang wars and vices that continue to take the lives of millions and millions of kids in our
world today.

Hello my name is David Josiah, and this is the first time I visit this website. Moreover,
for many years now I’ve dreamed about writing a book to share my life’s experiences
with many fatherless kids who are in need of hope.

Growing, in a very poverty stricken environment, seeking the guidance of anyone
who would step in and be a father figure for many years left me feeling alone and
purposeless. Overcoming many adverse situations (Chicago streets, gangs, violence,
military at 17 years old, wartime, and defying the odds against me).

Presently, I’m in the process of finishing grad school, puruing the career of my dreams,
and I’m committed to spending the rest of my days sharing my life story with people all around the

In 2009, my younger brother (19 at the time), helped me start a non profit organization
that would help fatherless kids overcome many of the various social ills we faced growing up.
Not even two years later, my younger brother was shot and killed breaking up a fight
between two fatherless kids who opened fired and shot my brother before he could say a word.
My brother was my inspiration, and his sacrifice and example has helped me to
face the challenges of life with courage and fearlessness.

My hope is to find someone (ghostwriter + selfless hearted writing team) who is passionate about change, hope, and expectation. A professional and second to none writer who can vividly paint a clear picture through words
of the various trials I’ve faced and overcome as a fatherless (hopeless) young kid who
had no direction in life.