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Hello. I’ve just completed my first novel, Savannah Night. It’s a 60,000 word romantic mystery. The story concerns a young man, Austin Gallagher, who has gone to Savannah, Georgia to locate his missing father. I’m hoping to self-publish and this will be my first time working with an editor. I suspect that the book is in need of developmental editing but I’m open to different ideas. Below, I’ll post a portion of my query letter. I’m looking forward to hearing from someone who is interested in working together with me on this project.

When Austin Gallagher hears that his private detective father has gone missing while investigating a case, he quickly travels to Savannah, Georgia to locate him. When he finds the corrupt area police to be of no help, he turns to Savannah locals as time is running out. Emma is the only kind soul he meets along the way who seems to be willing to divulge any secrets about the sordid city in the South.

While trying to avoid his natural tendency to compare his failures to his father’s successes, he finds himself torn between his growing feelings for her and the horrible truths he’s discovering with each passing hour. She helps him uncover dark secrets about a powerful Savannah family, a coven of witches, ancient rituals, and how they all may play a part in his father’s disappearance.