Starstruck: the stories of a life on the road as a WWE Diva open

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I am a former Wwe Diva. I have an expensive budget for services. I am a born and raised NY’er but traveled 330 days a year on tour worldwide all over this entire globe as well as every state in this great country with WWE. I also had a thriving modeling career as a Covergirl for many magazines (such as Playboy Celebrity Covermodel, Maxim, Stuff, FLEX,)and an actress. I was on SURVIVOR China as well as the show SMALLVILE (Superman Show). I won MISS HAWAIIAN TROPIC USA and CANADA after moving to Montreal to help my boyfriend (at the time drummer from a popular band at the time) record his album. My daughter grew up on a tour bus. Was backstage at every bands shows. Actually caused a record label have to shut down a HUGE tour for Simple Plan and Good Charlotte because such a riff took place between ex n new boyfriend opposite band and they had to shut the tour down after that.
Here’s what my book would center on:
I have more secrets than so many people in the biz and a bunch is photographed as well. This is a tell all behind the scenes look at WWE World Wrestling entertainment- from behind the curtain and what it’s like to wrestle for 80k people at Wrestlemania. Also set the record straight with rumors. I was sexually assaulted by a US soldier while overseas with WWE for the USO. I have been messed with as a woman my whole life. The things that I have photos of are quite scandalous as well as current day stories about the dirt in the business. A long detailed account of just how evil Vince McMahon is,l. What living at the Playboy mansion was like and how I dealt with Hef and that situation. How I have been aswell as all the women in the biz sexually harasssed. The fact that I win the quarter million dollar diva search in 2005 and how I went broke by 2010. I have a ton of stuff good material. Interesting and about so many top names in the biz I can blow the whistle on. What life is like now for the wrestlers put up on a pedestal and worshiped by fans to what life is like now for all talent moved on and how their bodies are just broken permanently. The rampid usage of steroids and drugs abused by wrestlers. How I ended up in rehab twice. Funny stories about that and others. Dragging certain male wrestlers out of restaurants because they were so messed up and fallen over and can’t move.
Drugs. Sex. And Wrestling. The relationships I’ve had, been engaged 6 times. Dating famous musicians before WWE who kissed up to my daughter to try to make things work. Crazy crazy stories about guys like Adam Levine, Snoop Dogg, Dennis Rodman to DDP, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Jake the Snake, and females as Trish Stratus to Lita to Torrie Wilson and Brande Roderick. Lots of bigger athletes and celeb stuff.
Working with Donald Trump. Having had advances from the now president of America. So, there’s a lot of info available so much I haven’t even touched on. Would like to get an idea of maybe getting a ghost writer but I’d like to pitch to publishers but also try to do it myself if I have to but rather use someone. Thank you so very much for hearing me out! I have an expensive budget also! Please help! Oh ps I am a born again Christian and love Jesus!! I have a 17 yr old daughter whom I was impregnated in purpose but that’s a whole nother story altogether. I have so many interesting stories flipping jaguars, od’s, other celebs, what it’s like to spend 1million dollars by 28 yrs old!