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Dear Concern,
I am a first time writer looking for a professional editor to dissect my 108,000 word science fiction thriller, The Legend in the Winds. The manuscript is finished, revised, rewritten, and even edited to the best of my abilities, but it is only as far I believe I can take it by myself.
Working with a professional editor will not only enhance the prospects of my work, but also help shape it to international standards. I hope the premise interests you enough to consider it:
As an aging civilization stands on the brink of extinction, a new science ignites a race for supremacy and global dominance. Eight year old Armen Tawner is just one among the many who have lost their families to this war. He grows up to be acquainted with the timeless secrets of what is hailed as the ‘greatest science in the universe’, and the power that comes with that knowledge is unexampled. Not only must Armen understand the true essence of his learning, but also decide whether his world is ready for it or not. Maybe it never will be.
I am looking for a line edit. Kindly update me regarding your editing rates and how they can be broken down into installments. Also I would like to know if you offer a sample edit. Even a couple of pages would be great. I would also like to know by when will you be able to work on this, according to your schedule. In case you feel interested in editing this novel, I will be grateful to hear from you.
Thank you.
Avi Sidhu