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Good evening, my name is Osceola Thomas and I am a licensed minister with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies and a Master of Science degree in Church Leadership. As a devout minister of the Pentecostal Apostolic Church, I taught eschatology at the School of Theology. Although I did well in college because of my keen ability to interpret the scriptures with fresh insight, I have always struggled with writing my ideas down on paper. This is where Bibliocrunch comes in. While I am a little apprehensive about utilizing professional services, because of the scrutiny associated with the process, I do understand that the need to share what the higher power has given to me with the world is greater than me preserving my ego.

My ideal editor is someone highly experienced and meticulous in editing non-fiction works, especially that of a biblical and/or sexual/marital nature. I really want to produce a well written book with a logical flow that takes the reader on a journey without redundancy or poor sentence structure.

The title of my book is The Naked Truth. It is a provocative read that gives readers and in-depth look into why the Bible is the most erotic book on the planet. The book addresses the following :

Why the first commandment of scripture is to have sex.
Why the Bible obsesses over bloody genitals.
Why marriage is more about sex than a ceremony or exchanging of nuptials.
Why priests masqueraded in phallic costumes and entered tabernacles situated on hairy mounds .

Readers will come to understand why the Bible opens with boy meets girl and closes with boy meets girl. It is highly unlikely that any objective reader will ever look at the Bible the same way again.