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Hi, I’m a former college professor and government contractor for military families. I’d like to start with a line editor for the first 50 pages, approximately 15K – 17K words. I think I’ve delayed the plot in trying to give readers elements of living in Germany as a military spouse. I can be “uber” verbose.
The book is an 89,000 word commercial women’s fiction. It is about three female acquaintances who end up traveling together to Paris. While in Paris, they enjoy the party atmosphere of the Latin Quarter and end up betraying their husbands. Each woman has a different reason for straying. For two of them, the question changes from how to walk away from their rocky marriage to how to save it. The third woman thought her marriage was perfect. Now, the women must bond together to keep their secrets from leaving Paris, or all their marriages could be ruined. That’s not what any of them want.