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Great Books to Read During Ramadan

by Samantha Knoerzer •  July 7, 2015  •   Follow SamanthaKnoerze

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Happy Ramadan, everyone!

To continue on Aisha Saeed’s #RamadanReads and #weneeddiversebooks campaign (with the @RamadanReads Twitter handle), and to celebrate Ramadan this year, here is a list of our favorite picks.

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  1. My First Ramadan by Karen Katz


This book is centered around a little boy who has finally become old enough to fast along with his family for Ramadan. It is a great book for young children who can follow along with the narrator as he experiences a child’s first Ramadan.


  1. Bestest. Ramadan. Ever. by Medeia Sharif 


This YA book is a great book for teens struggling to follow the traditions of Ramadan, while in the process learning all of the really great parts of the holiday and seeing that the hard parts are necessary for the best parts. The story follows a fifteen-year-old girl who is struggling with trying to celebrate the holiday, and the desire to act like a typical American girl.


  1. A Night of Power: A Ramadan Story by Nancy-Jo Taiani


This book follows a 10-year old girl named Mona who, after joining her family’s observance for the first time in Ramadan, then goes back to her friends and tries to describe her experience. A wonderfully illustrated children’s book, its pictures are just as enjoyable as its words.


  1. Ramadan Companion: Spiritual Reflections by Sheikh Faisal Abdur-Razak


This book is a nonfiction guide to assist the reader by providing guidance in dhikr. It’s a great read for the holiday.


  1. Allah to Z: Activity Book: Islamic Activities for Ramadan and All Year Long by Ms Sam’n Iqbal


This book is great because it has great information about not only Ramadan, but Islamic activities for the entire year. This activity book is packed with over 30 enjoyable craft ideas for you and your children to create during Eid, Ramadan and all year long. The crafts are not only fun, but also great to help reinforce the basic principals of Islam within children who are engaging in the book. Also, it is great for all ages.


  1. Ramadan Sky by Nichola Hunter 


This is a really interesting book that isn’t necessarily about the holiday, though it develops around it. The book is a contemporary twist on a classic story of forbidden love. It is set in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia and tells a great tale of friendship and overcoming odds for love.



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