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Our Favorite Summer Reads by Genre: Action/Adventure

by Samantha Knoerzer •  August 11, 2015  •   Follow SamanthaKnoerze

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The summer isn’t over yet, and neither is our Favorite Summer Reads series.

Our next in our favorite summer reads is action/adventure. From children to adult books, to adventure and road trip books, here are our favorite action/adventure summer reads:


  1. The Einstein Prophecy by Robert Masello


This book was published just this month, but its all about 1944. A young army lieutenant excavates a sarcophagus from an Egyptian tomb. The tomb contains secrets that follow the dire prophecies of Albert Einstein, himself. Aided by a brilliant archaeologist, the lieutenant and her accidentally release forces of both good and evil that they must defeat within the walls of Princeton. This book is a fun old-fashioned adventure story that is great for summer.


  1. Beacon 23: Part One: Little Noises by Hugh Howey


Flash-forward to this futuristic adventure read for the summer. Being published in parts, the story follows the futuristic life of the power of the lighthouse. In past society lighthouses helped ships in distress, now they do the same thing for spaceships in space. These space lighthouses never malfunction-until one day they do. Leaving a spaceship in distress. Also check out parts 2,3,4 and 5.


  1. Deadly Assets (Badge of Honor Book 12) by W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth


Cops versus civilians, protestors, the murder of a famous joyrnalist, and a homicide cop trying to hold it all together. This book is an action packed story full of all the adventure you need talking place in the city of Philadelphia.


  1. The English Spy by Daniel Silva


Like his other classics the English assassin and the English girl, now Silva has a new book called the English spy. Silva’s hero, Gabriel Allon, is now a part of the pantheon of great fictional secret agents. This is a great action blockbuster summer read.


  1. Shadow Jumper by J M Forster


This middle grade mystery adventure book is a fun one for kids and adults alike. Its one of those books that you can read together with your kids. This is a story about friendship, family, loss, bravery and overcoming adversity. The main character is allergic to the sun and is therefore stuck to living in the shadows. Soon his condition is getting worse and only his missing scientist father can save him. With the help of his best friend, the two go on an adventure to find his father.


  1. Hunter (Guy Erma and the Son of Empire Book 2) by Sally Ann Melia


This YA Sci Fi Action/Adventure book that is actually a second in the series. This one is an action packed space opera. Princes, cyber armies, and kidnapping for ransom- this book has all that’s needed for a great adventure book. Definitely check out part one of the series as well.


  1. Road Trip USA: Cross-Country Adventures on America’s Two-Lane Highways by Jamie Jensen


In honor of road trip season, this nonfiction book shows all the best cross-country routes and road-tested advice for adventurers who want to see the parts of America that the interstates have left behind. It includes major cities, obscure towns, and roadside curiosities. Definitely a great book for those who want to spend the rest of their summer a different way, weather actually on the road or in a book.


  1. Road Trip by Gary Paulsen


This is another children’s book that can be appreciated by all. This is a fictional road trip book about a father and son who go on a road trip together in order to fix the bond that’s broken between them. The father brings them on a road trip to rescue a border collie in order to help them reconnect. The son brings along his friend to spoil his fathers plans, and they begin to pick up even more new friends along the way. Eventually the trip turns more serious when they realize that the son’s friend who he bought on the trip is on the run, and people are after him. This is a great book to end the summer with, for sure.



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