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Our Favorite Summer Reads by Genre: Indie Books

by Samantha Knoerzer •  September 1, 2015  •   Follow SamanthaKnoerze

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Happy September! As summer comes to a close, so does our Summer Reads series.

To end the series, we honor our favorite genre: indie books! Here is our list:


  1. The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep: A New Way Of Getting Children To Sleep by Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin, Irina Maununen, Linda Ehrlin and Kevin Shearman


This is a great straight-forward children’s book that develops a safe environment for children to fall asleep in. In the story, a little rabbit who can’t fall asleep goes on an adventure to find the person who can help him fall asleep. This is a great read along between child and parent. The book is a #1 bestseller on Amazon and is available as a Kindle eBook. This is a great summer book for those warm summer nights where kids have trouble falling asleep.


  1. The Paper Swan by Leylah Attar


This one is much different than the book above. It is an adult romantic suspense novel about a girl who must face a difficult decision that could mean the life of one, or both, of the two men that she loves. However, it makes sure to mention that it is not a love triangle book. It includes all of the essential elements of a romantic suspense, including passion, loss, and redemption. The book is from a NY Times Bestselling author and its is definitely a great summer suspenseful read.


  1. Fallen Crest University (Fallen Crest Series Book 5) by Tijan


This is actually the newest book in the Fallen Crest Series, with four books before it. The books are a bunch of manipulative, twisted stories of social destruction and love triangles involving the kids of Fallen Crest University. This is a great series for any teen or adult to enjoy. Make sure to check out the first book in the series before the newest. This is a great book for the summer, right before school starts again.


  1. Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin by Mariana Zapata


This one is also great for teens and adults. It’s the story of a girl who unwillingly becomes the merchandise manager of her twin brother’s band. She tries to keep herself away from the action, but eventually can’t stop grabbing the attention of the lead singer of her brother’s band who has grabbed her attention as well. With music, traveling, and a great love story to throw in this is definitely a summer recommended read.


  1. Post-Human Series Books 1-4 by David Simpson


This is a Sci Fi space book that has been downloaded on the Kindle over one million times in the last three years. It is said to include a blend of thought-provoking philosophy, cutting edge and speculative science, and high-octane, action-packed exploits. THe book includes all the best of Sci Fi reads, including, nanobots, androids, cyborgs, and what Simpson has coined post-humans which his new race of humans in his post-apocalyptic world. The thing that makes it stand out from other action packed Space Operas is its inclusion of a unique star-crossed love story. A great read to keep the action going in your summer reading binge. This includes the first four books of the series.


  1. The Battle (Play to Live: Book #5) by Rus, D


The Battle is a great summer read full of fantasy, and actual reader participation. It is written in third person, and is about a world in which virtual reality games have become the norm. The only issue is that sometimes players can get comatosely stuck in the game, having to fight and win to survive. It is definitely a really cool and unique read for the summer. This is the fifth in a series, so make sure to check out the first book, first.


  1. Chalk Lines & Lipstick: a Maren Colepepper cozy mystery (Maren Colepepper Mysteries Book 1) by Ophelia London


A really great mystery indie book, this one even includes a little love story as well. Written by best selling author Ophelia London, this book is about a girl who has everything and loses it all only to be stuck working for a local paper. After witnessing a shooting the main character, Maren, begins to uncover what really happened at the scene. This book is a fun, light-hearted book that is a great way to end a summer reading binge.



Note: All of the books above are Kindle eBooks.


This is it for the Summer Reads series. But don’t be sad! There are always great new books coming out and Fall will have some definitely promising reads.


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