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Publishing News Roundup Series: The Publishing Industry 2015 Reviews and 2016 Predictions

by Maureen Crisp •  January 11, 2016  •   Follow

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It is a new year in the publishing world!

With every new year comes change-some for the better, and some not so much. Below our post discusses the publishing worlds plans for improved change this year, as well as industry leader predictions for this new year of publishing. From writing solution tips to major industry changes, the publishing world seems to be off to a good start, especially for self publishing:


Publishing Mobility and Catfish

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I have been reading a lot of publishing industry 2015 reviews and 2016 predictions with Mobile, Global, Audio, and Change, the most common themes being discussed. Jane Friedman has an excellent eye for these trends, her article is well worth a read.


In the self publishing world Bookworks has an excellent roundup of predictions from industry leaders. Porter Anderson has been looking at the changing relationships between editors and authors. This is an excellent piece to share with your editor over a drink.


The call for realistic publishing contracts is gathering momentum with take up from Writers Guilds around the world. The Bookseller examines this campaign and proposes a new one– how to get more readers in 2016.


While Authors are globally mobilising forces for change in contracts, the news that PRH has dropped Author Solutions was welcomed by authors. BUT as David Gaughran points out All Is Not What It Seems. Please read and share around to all those Newbie Authors out there. This is Vanity Publishing with Shark Bites taken out of Clueless Authors.


However even savvy authors can get burned. This week the publishing blogosphere was catfished. (When someone pretends to be someone they are not.) This elaborate scheme targeted writer reviewers and was pretty audacious.


This week news that GRR Martin will not be publishing the next book anytime soon had the blogosphere hopping with agitation. Bookriot published an excellent article about leaving authors to get on with writing in their own time.


Chuck Wendig took this a step further and delivered his first 2016 thought piece on writing. It is timely advice especially for 2016 writing resolutions….


Kris Rusch has also started 2016 with an excellent post on the publishing industry. If you ever wondered why publishers seem to publish the same sort of book… this explains it! On the same theme Stephen Pressfield looks back in time to how Random House came to give all their employees a $5000 bonus.


You have made your writer resolutions for 2016 and you have vowed to commit to writing x amount of words every day (oooh look shiny distraction…) You are going to be faster, better, stronger… (Olympic theme tune.) You are going to rule this writing gig! So below is the reason you drop in to my blog every week…. (Thanks for coming over!)


In the Craft Section,
Helena Helme on 5 ways to learn your craft! (Ahhh Casablanca!) Bookmark!
In the Marketing Section,
Secrets to Self publishing success in 2016 – Lindsay Buroker- Bookmark!
How to nail your Author SEO– Miral Satter- Bookmark!
Digital Book World – Ingredients of a successful marketingplan – Bookmark!


To Finish,
Smart readers will realise that my first blog of 2016 is a day late. Excuses: I’m still in holiday mode… I’ve got lots of books still to be read on the holiday reading pile… I should be plotting Book Four in my series… I’m recovering from Christmas/ New Year… still… I’ve got to master all these Book Nerd resolutions!

Onwards to a successful 2016!




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